Whelp ... you're here, you might as well stick around for a moment.

I'm Zachary Brady, Partner and Director of Technology at Suits & Sandals, LLC, drummer for the Brooklyn based band Cunk and the Moments of Wonder, and New Media artist.

At Suits & Sandals I realize the vision of our talented design department I make sure that our sites can be accessed by almost everyone following the tenets of responsive design, progressive enhancement, and accessibility. I also provide consulting for these and related areas. Please contact me or Nick Dank if you or your organization would be interested in working with us.

When I clock out for the day its time for my other passion: music. With Cunk and the Moments of Wonder we have set forth to combine modern indie rock with the legacy of virtuosos such as Chic Corea and Frank Zappa. Trust me, it works.

And lastly, I'm also a New Media artist who has shown augmented reality pieces internationally. You can check out my tiny portfolio here.

And heck, When I'm not doing any of that you can find me playing with my cat, wasting time on social networks, or stumbling 'round Brooklyn.