Zachary Brady
--Partner and Developer @ Suits & Sandals, LLC.--

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Javascript, Wordpress, PHP, Responsive Everything, Administration Stuff

--2012 New Media Graduate - SUNY Purchase--

New Media 2011 Junior and 2012 Senior of Year, Named an electronics lab after himself

--Installation and New Media Artist--

Arduino, Processing, Electronics, Pure Data, Random other mediums

Zack Brady is a Web Developer, New Media Artist, Musician, and Activist in the greater New York City area. He works as the lead Developer at Suits & Sandals while slowly and steadily building a portfolio of artistc works that reflect his quirky and critical outlook on life. He has a bit of a social media presence, often blogging about his adventures in Web Development with the occasional life lesson.

Suits & Sandals, LLC.

It started out with a couple of kids finishing up college, a few laptops, and a desire to do something a little different with the web. From the very beginning, we made it clear to ourselves that we wanted to put out some serious design work, but not take ourselves too seriously. We love collaborating on projects with our clients, other designers, artists, and anyone who digs our style. So if that's you, we'd love to chat.

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